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Fear: Explained

Okay, so based on the number of spider pictures that get sent to me on a daily basis, It’s not a mystery that I am terrified of spiders. I’ve also made it clear on a couple of occasions ( Enemy of my Enemy, Fish Eating Spiders) that spiders make me pee a little…

Don’t judge.

Anyhoo, seeing as that I have been studying human psychology for more than 15 years, I figured out that it was time to address why it is that the sight of 8 legged-devil spawn makes me dribble out an acceptable amount of urine.

Well, in a conversation last night – Think I figured it out.

The Key to fear in general is environment. If I am in an environment where there should be no spiders, then the presence of a spider in unexpected, and therefore – unwarranted. If I am in an environment where there should be a spider, I handle it accordingly.

For instance, when I bought my first sit-in kayak I was paddling around a back water cover on lake Palestine. At the time I was in no way, shape, or form the “yak master” that I have become, so priority #1 was always not tipping over. I found an inlet to a flooded timber cove through a small gap in some trees, and decided that if I got myself up to “ramming speed”, that I could power through the low branches and get back to the hidden cove. So that’s what I did – i paddled as hard as I could and broke straight through the downed tree limbs.

What I didn’t know, was that those downed branches were apparently the location for Spider Spring Break 2012, and I was literally showered with spiders. Not just on my head and shoulders, but IN the kayak. I managed to very calmly swat a couple of the devils off of my head, face, and hair. I’m pretty sure I ate a couple of them for good measure. I paddled to the nearest shoreline, where once I was secure on dry ground, I had an epic meltdown.

The point being, that because I was in their environment, I was able to cope.

A spider scuttles across my desk? There will be pee.

To further prove my point, let’s talk about other fears. Take clowns – which are a totally rational fear. If you’re at the circus you’re expecting at least a couple of those creepy bastards to be wandering around. It’s easier to cope if you are expecting them. Now imagine you walk into your kitchen in the middle of the night, and there is a clown standing in front of your fridge? Totally different situation.

Apply this principle in your life, and you’ll realize that fear is purely environmental.

Also, imagine that clown scenario right before you go to bed tonight…

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